Zest Legal Case Studies

We are proud to share some of our past cases with you.

Case Type: Brain Injury Client left with significant brain injuries

This case was handled by Clare Jones and involved a biker who was knocked down by a car driver who was subsequently found to be over the drink drive limit. The circumstances surrounding the injuries were very complex and involved over 50 medical reports and 15 different experts.

Our client was a very promising author and was planning on a career as a university lecturer and was left permanently disabled and required daily care for the rest of his life. Clare not only focused on making sure that the compensation claim was being managed effectively but also secured funding to adapt the clients home by purchasing the semi detached house next door and knocking through to make a suitable new home.

A substantial compensation package was agreed but also crucially, Clare secured early interim payments and social care support to allow our client to start re building his life.

Case Type: Serious Injury Client needs practical support to manage daily living

This is a case handled by Gillian Lakes which involved a personal injury sustained by a gentleman who suffered a serious brain injury and orthopaedic injuries after being involved in a road traffic accident.

The client was forced to give up work and he required ongoing care and support for the remainder of his life. Gillian made sure that her client received a programme of intensive rehabilitation organized as part of the claims process and also gathered specialist medical and quantum evidence to support the claim.

A substantial capital payment sum was secured together with a Periodical Payments Order for life to meet his future earnings and care needs.

As a result of his injuries the client also lost the capacity to deal with his own financial affairs and a Professional Deputy had to be appointed with their costs being dealt with as part of the settlement.