Our Range Of Services

We can help you to recover quickly from a motor vehicle accident and provide direct legal advice to secure compensation for your personal injuries. We also offer a wide range of other services to help get you back on your feet quickly.

Our unique approach means that all of our services are managed in one place and we use only the most reputable suppliers to provide mobility and medical support services to you.

24 Hour Assistance

24 Hour
Accident Response

Our first response team are on hand to support you following an accident 24 hours a day and our experts will listen to your needs and take action to assist you straight away. We offer a simple 15 minute “sign up promise” and once you have given us your permission to act for you, we will start working on your behalf straight away.

You won’t have to complete any paperwork as we use our call recording technology to document our agreement and then waste no time in getting on with helping your claim to succeed.

Personal Injury Compensation

Injury Compensation

Our qualified legal professionals will ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries. We will assess your injury in detail and also help you to consider the long term outlook for recovery and then ensure that you are properly compensated for your damages.

Our relationships with all UK insurers means that we are trusted to act on behalf of our clients and are known for our expertise in assessing personal injury claims so we are able to secure optimum levels of compensation within the judicial guidelines.

Medical Examinations


We have access to the UK’s best medical professionals and we will find a suitably qualified expert to examine you and assess your needs. All of our medical experts are approved by the insurance industry bodies.

We will always offer you a medical appointment close to your home or preferred location and will make sure that you receive a copy of the medical report for agreement before we proceed with negotiating your claim.

Physio & Rehabilitation Support

Physio &
Rehabilitation Support

Your recovery from injury is paramount to us and we will facilitate access to support services which are focussed on helping you to get back on your feet. Whether it be a course of physio to aid soft tissue recovery or a dedicated rehabilitation programme for more serious injuries, we will ensure the most appropriate support for you.

Our focus is always on your best interests and for more complex injuries, it is often about more than just injury symptoms. We will be on hand to support and guide you and your family through other important challenges including financial, mobility, social and adaptation of your home environment.

Car Hire &ampl; Repair Solutions

Car Hire &
Repair Solutions

If your vehicle is damaged in a motor accident, we can appoint a reputable repairer on your behalf and will arrange for a replacement like for like hire vehicle to keep you moving via one of our nationwide suppliers. With free collection and delivery to your door, we can offer a replacement vehicle within 24 hours and a fast and efficient repair of your own vehicle.

We will work directly with your insurers or nominated repairer to ensure a fast and efficient repair and keep you on the road while this takes place.

Third Party Assistance

Third Party

Often there are other innocent parties involved in road accidents and we are on hand to assist them too. Whether they are passengers in your own vehicle or occupants of other vehicles involved in the accident, we will look after their needs too.

Our independence from your or any other insurer means that we can offer completely bespoke advice to third party claimants and will always look to offer the most cost effective and high quality solutions.

We're always available to support you and move your claim along

Personal Injury Services

We can help you to recover quickly from a motor vehicle accident and provide direct legal advice to secure compensation for your personal injuries. We also offer a wide range of other services to help get you back on your feet quickly.

  • Road Traffic Accidents
    We are the UK leading experts on motor related law and have over 30 years of successful track record in representing clients who have been injured whilst driving a vehicle and can provide a complete range of services to get you back on your feet and on the road.
  • Accident and Liability Investigations
    Our in house team and national network of qualified investigators are on hand to carry out urgent and detailed investigations of accident scenes and gather witness evidence to support your claim.
  • Serious Injury Rehabilitation
    Our priority on serious injury claims is to provide access to immediate care and rehabilitation to help you to recover quickly. Working with leading Occupational Therapists, we will assess your situation quickly and provide you with the support you need.
  • Motorcycle claims specialists
    We pride ourselves on being able to understand the specific needs of motorcyclists and helping them to deal with the after effects of injuries sustained which are often of a more serious nature. Our team are experts in guiding clients through difficult liability negotiations and achieving successful outcomes.
  • Accidents at Work
    Our dedicated employment solicitors are on hand to provide expert guidance and advice in handling personal injury claims sustained in a work environment. We will help you to work with your employer to avoid any workplace tensions and represent your claim professionally.
  • Loss Of Earning Calculations
    Whether you are employed or self employed, it can be difficult to calculate the financial impact of a personal injury claim when you are in and out of work during recovery. We will take the hassle away from all of this and calculate your claim for you.